Thank you so much for visiting my new website and reading these introductory bits. It has been a long time in the making and I hope you get as much out of it as I do. Obviously things are reasonably sparse right now, but I didn’t want to put all my content up at once and I also would love to hear feedback from you all and see what kind of things you would like me to write about.


I would like to help us all to learn new ways to have a simpler, more fulfilled life that works just for us.


I have spent a lot of my life doing things to please other people. It is a characteristic that I’ve always had, and always disliked about myself. I take the blame for things I shouldn’t, take on too much because people ask me a favour and I can’t say no, yet I apologise far too much and never feel like I’m a good friend, daughter or partner. Only recently have I started to realise that if everyone was like that, we’d all be miserable!

The view from a beach when i went to Malta, on my own! 

The view from a beach when i went to Malta, on my own! 

I thought about things that I truly like doing, things I want to do and try, and things I know I tolerate, but really don’t enjoy. This blog is therefore a platform to document what I’ve done and help me to make sense of it all, therefore working out the things that make me happier, and can hopefully help do the same for you.


Being more honest and forthcoming has actually enabled me to explain more, be more open about things I like to do, and also free up some precious time! Now, from the simplest things like suggesting going for a walk instead of watching a tv programme – it makes me so much happier, helps me sleep better, gives me some energy and provides some much needed exercise to my twiglet-like bones!


So here’s to a new era, a gradual lean to a more positive way of life, whilst not forgetting the bits we love and allowing ourselves to do what makes us happiest.