Bean There Coffee

In March I visited Bean There Coffee on Smithdown Road and had a lovely chat with the owner, Candice. 



So tell me Candice, how did Bean There Coffee all start?


I am a music teacher at a secondary school and my husband is a mechanical engineer. We have always both loved coffee; what started with instant, then spending twenty minutes hand-grinding beans, we found ourselves wanting to work with coffee and open a shop. After having our first son three years ago we decided that it was time. The first business plan in a space on Allerton Road fell through, which ended up being quite fortunate as we found ourselves with this shop. The timing was interesting however as we had our second son three weeks after opening which has led to a busy maternity leave! 



What does Bean There offer? 


Aside from our specialist coffee, which we chose specifically from Atkinson’s in Lancaster, we also are big foodies and wanted to support local businesses whilst serving delicious food. A teacher-turned-baker makes delicious Sourdough in loaf tins, which helped to form our new current menu. We have always aimed to make the shop a part of the community and welcoming to all demographics. By utilising the space to work for those wanting to work on their laptop, people with prams and those wanting a quiet chat we believe we are working well towards this. 



How has your new menu been received and what do you offer? 


For the first 9 months we did snacks but since January we have offered a breakfast and lunch menu with sandwiches and soup. We have been busy since then and it may have been helped by the food! The spring/summer menu will be coming out soon, too with lots of exciting new additions! 



You have lots of activities running at the shop for all age ranges. Was that something you intended to do?


Yes we always wanted to become part of the community and accessible to all. We have a good range of activities and have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of people that have approached us to use our space. Thursday’s we have a music session from 4.30-5.30pm and it is a platform for anyone to perform; last week we had two young girls that sang after school. We have started doing a movie night where we project a film on the wall, make it very cosy and make popcorn; these have been really popular. Also Sunday morning’s we have Mini Maestro’s by Rise Music Education, which has been a huge success. There are many other regular events in the pipeline so keep tuned!



I have a book club on my site, I see you do one in the shop?


Yes, one of the girls that works here is a writer from Brazil and she runs a book club monthly on Sunday’s. The next one is on April 8th. The titles are not mainstream and a little more abstract than most, but interesting and well-received. The last book we did was The Dreamers by Gilbert Adair and next is A taste Of Honey by Shelagh Delaney. 



Well, I’ve just drunk a delicious Ethiopian V60 coffee here. Do you always serve the same coffee? 


No, we do generally stick to the same blends for our espresso and batch brew, however our single origins change to account for the seasons. We also bring in guest coffees, often from Neighbourhood and we would like to start doing this more. We have been so busy since the shop opened, which is wonderful, but we would like to start doing more with the coffee now that things are settling into a steady pace. 



Candice and her husband really have made Bean There Coffee a comfortable and delicious place to grab a drink on the run or while away an afternoon with your laptop. A lot of posts for Rheum For Improvement have been written there and I know many more will be, too!