Holding Up the Universe


Jennifer Niven wrote Holding Up The Universe last year. She write a lot of teen/young adult fiction, a category that this book falls in to. I like to read young adult fiction after a particular heavy read, when I am very tired, or if I have a lot going on and need to relax for a while and take my mind off things. 

Holding up the universe.jpg

This book is based in North America and tells the stories of an overweight, misunderstood teenage girl Libby who is starting a new school after several years off, and a popular, good looking boy Jack who is at the same school but hiding something that bothers him every day. 


The chapters are very short, sometimes only one page long, and alternate from Libby to Jack, telling the same story from each person's perspective in the first person. I thought it would be too jumpy but the story is chronological, sometimes even covers the same moments from both points of view, and brings together two very unlikely characters. 


There are a few moments in the book that really took me back to my time in senior school and I could relate to a lot of the emotions that both characters were feeling at certain points, which drew me in. Although there are some serious and sad undertones, the book is generally very positive and light-hearted and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. 


I would recommend this book, probably more to teens or anyone looking for a very easy read. It took me 3 days of intermittent reading to get through, so no time at all. I will give this book 4 stars for the enjoyment it brought me, but if you are looking for something to switch you on and make you think, this is perhaps not the book for you. 



Harriet, x