The Memory Shop


The Memory Shop by Ella Griffin is a really enjoyable read, well written and thoughtful.


It starts in the typical way that Nora, a young professional with a high-powered job discovers her boyfriend is actually not a very nice person, and it coincides with her needing to go to Ireland and sort out her grandparents estate, for her mother who is finding herself in Indonesia. 


Ireland becomes a permanent home because what Nora finds in her grandparents house is every gift her grandpa bought for her grandma, from all over the world, with little notes to say where they came from and their significance. Downstairs is a shop and so Nora decides to sell all these items in order to raise money. 


Furniture, jewellery, clothes - each item is given chapter with the backstory, to whom it gets sold and all the characters are linked in one way or another. 


With a slightly trashy love story running through the middle of this book, I really enjoyed reading this and it’s a good length too. 


3/5 for this book. Not a huge amount of brain power required and maybe not one for the boys!