The Ministry of Utmost Happiness


I already know that this brief review will not even come close to start in giving this book the justice and high regard that it deserves. It is a fantastic book that I absolutely loved and read with all-consuming lust over 3 days whilst we were on holiday. 


Anjum is a women, who was born a boy in Delhi, and becomes part of a hugely diverse world crossing welath, religion, caste and status. The book introduces us to all the different people she meets and how they all come together to live amongst one another in a guest house in an old graveyard that Anjum built from scratch. 


The book starts with the background of Anjum’s childhood and who she met in order to be where she is today, and why. I also learnt a lot about Indian and Pakistani history and politics - something I knew nothing about before this.


It is not an easy book to read in that is is wordy and has a lot of languages in the text, time jumps backward and forward slightly and took me a while to work out where I was. None of the names are English and some are very long so I found myself getting some characters mixed up at first, but this stopped after the first few chapters 


Arundhati Roy is a well-established author who wrote a book called The God of Small Things. I haven’t read it yet but having got through this and loved it so much, I have already added it to my Wishlist on Amazon! 


I highly recommend this book and although I have explained the premise very poorly - sorry about that! - it is suitable for all adult readers that enjoy getting their teeth into something. 


4/5. Excellent.