Dairy-free crumble topping


Everyone likes a different fruit : crumble ratio when it comes to these desserts. For me I always like there to be plenty more fruit, and for it to bubble through the topping when you take it out of the oven. 


I looked at lots of different variations of this short recipe when I was strictly dairy-free during my period of illness, and was keen to not use 'free-from' spreads to replace butter etc. I combined several recipes to create this one and it was really tasty. Even my husband, who loves a crumble, didn't notice the difference! 



It makes enough to cover a crumble that will serve 4, but feel free to double the quantities if you like a thicker topping. 


50g cane sugar (unrefined if possible)

75g self-raising flour*

75g brown rice flour

100g of coconut oil spread**, or coconut oil. 

pinch of salt

1tsp vanilla powder if making rhubarb or strawberry crumble


Rub the ingredients together between your fingers to get an even, crumbly texture, then sprinkle over the fruit of your choice! 


*If you are vegan, replace the self-raising flour with brown rice flour (total 150g).

**Coconut oil spread is delicious, and can be bought in health food shops (I used Biona Organic Cocomega coconut spread). Again however, it is slightly on the pricier side, and so if you don't use it regularly you can just use coconut oil.