The idea behind Rheum For Improvement


For quite some time 'Rheum For Improvement' was just a small idea in my head. Recently - whilst I was unwell - I decided that I felt passionate enough to think of a name (hope you like it!) and put that small idea into words.


When I am well I can exercise, I can touch my toes and I can work in a busy trauma centre as an Emergency Medicine doctor.  In April 2017 it was a huge shock to my system when (for the first time in my adult life) I found myself unable to get out of bed in the morning, or put my clothes on, or get down the stairs. I was completely reliant on my husband or friends to take me out in a wheelchair if I wanted to leave the house.


I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis since I was 4 years old, and have unsuccessfully tried many different biologic therapies alongside disease-modifying drugs and long-term steroids. three months ago, when my rheumatologists told me that I had temporarily exhausted all resources, it was very difficult to accept that this was how things could be for the long term.


Whilst at home feeling sorry for myself I felt a lot of emotions I wasn’t used to having – boredom, frustration, sadness, anger and loneliness. so I decided that I needed to take some control and do whatever I could to help myself feel better.


I began to read and research what I could do to help my physical symptoms and mental wellbeing – diet and nutrition, small exercises that could help, and the science behind these things and how they could work for me. Slowly I began to feel more positive, less fatigued or in pain, and I was able to get up and out on crutches.


3 months later, after some hard work and with a lot of support and determination, I am walking, moving, exercising, eating really well and I am back at work, all whilst on almost no medication. 


I am passionate enough to write down the changes I have made that have allowed me to get to this point, and I want make the information available to others, and provide some support if you need it.


This website is for everyone, not just for people with physical or mental health issues, and I am aware that this website is nothing truly original from a ‘health and lifestyle’ perspective. What I do hope is unique though, is that I have tried all of the things I write about, read all of the books I review, and have been in the situations I describe and I hope to make it all affordable and realistic for everyone.


It is a hobby, a pleasure and a bit of therapy for me to create this website, so I thank every one of you that has even visited it, let alone read this far! I really hope that you enjoy what I have done and will email me or message me through Facebook or Instagram with some feedback.


Thank you so much,